Friday, August 28, 2009


On July 22nd after Parker left on his mission to Argentina, we went to Seattle. On the way there we stopped in boise and stayed at the Frost's. Nancy rode with us in the car as she and my mom took turns driving, and after 16 long hours of being in the car, we finally made it to Seattle where we got on the ferry and went to Port Townsend for my cousin Amber's wedding.

We hung out with everyone at the wedding and a few days later rode the ferry back to seattle where we stayed at a hotel with Jeff, Laurie, and the kids for a night---then the next day we went to Pike Place Market with them and went to Ivar's and had seafood with my friend Mindy, her husband Mike, and son Alex! we slept at their house that night and had a great time! The next day we drove back to the Frost's, stayed the night, and drove home the next day. Whew, what a long trip!

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