Friday, April 30, 2010

Food for thought.

An object made with love and care can be a thing of beauty, a whole, even when it is imperfect; by contrast another one, although flawless, can leave us untouched and strike no sympathetic chord.

True amateurism should not be looked down upon. In times like ours any manifestation of liveliness must be cherished.

To become proficient in a craft resembles the slow and steady process of learning a foreign language: step by step a strange new surrounding becomes familiar. But the joys of new discoveries by far outweigh the difficulties. Nothing good ever comes from work done without prudence, intensity, and indeed passion. If the right attitudes do not yet exist, they have to be developed. The result will be feeling of wholeness that is so often missed in today's work and professions.

Is it not substance and meaning that we are longing for in our daily lives? The most wonderful result of our involvement in craft can be this: to stretch the boundaries of the ordinary and add a new colorful dimension to being alive.

-Franz Zeier, Books, Boxes and Portfolios

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